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 About the Research and Development Room

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About the Research and Development Room Empty
PostSubject: About the Research and Development Room   About the Research and Development Room Icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2007 1:37 pm

Dimitri Spanoa/Moth Character trademarked property of Trinity Being Multimedia Copyright 2015-2017 All rights reserved.

Hello, and welcome to our research and development facility! This is the gateway to
the deepnet, but it is currently under construction. The gateway will be available

         The primary focus of the underground laboratory at the moment is
         GUI interface design, artificial intelligence architecture and emerging
         technologies research. We are building a library of links and
         resources that will help shape the future of our company. We hope to
        build through a collaborative effort, projects that will benefit society.

        All of this research benefits our rusted machine, because in one way shape or form,
        all of the knowledge that has been gained is being poured into our
        current projects!

        We hope you enjoy the next wave of creativity that is coming!

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About the Research and Development Room
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