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 The Underwater Canyons story

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The Underwater Canyons story TM-2011-glass-logo

"Glass Lozano Two Hurricanes logo TM" Property of Trinity Being Multimedia copyright @ 2016/2017 all rights reserved.

THE EARLY YEARS: The Cartography of Glass

Glass Lozano, the composer, artist, musician and film maker was born Clint Alan Lozano in 1973 in Friendswood Texas..the son of a plant worker and a nurse. He grew to like singing in school choirs and ensembles and crafting his illustration skills as a fine artist. His mothers side of the family and fathers side had both musical and artistic talents..His grandmother and great grandfather and uncle all painted and illustrated..His grandfather would tell him about a story that they may be descended from Benjamin West..the famous court painter..His dad had illustrated as a young man and his grandpa sung and performed in Tejano bands growing up. Clint had great vision as a young child and spent much of his time alone reading and studying about the world -its art,music and history.

In 1995 Trinity Being, one of these visions, would be formed in 1991 when Glass began songwriting. Glass, however had been composing music since he was 7 and practiced his chords and scales for 6 hours a day beginning in 1980 which about drove the family mad..he then added to his interests guitar and had several guitar and piano teachers growing up..they began to see the abilities in him including his art teachers and began to cultivate those talents until he had surpassed his teachers. They saw great potential in the young man. In the early years he developed his gospel and folk chops in churches and helped to lead the congregations..until the folks couldn't keep up with the avant-garde nature of his songwriting. It was in that nature that he began to step away from the structure and programs of traditional spiritual music to become a soloist and a songwriter. Glass would form a musical duo with a friend in the early years and played around town in a few places.

In High School, he would win the coveted Armand Bayou Nature Center art contest winning first place and best of show for a depiction of an African jumping spider with colored pencil.

Glass then got his start as an acoustic artist in 1995 with his solo act Trinity Being under the moniker Giant Killer in Houston and moved to Colorado in 1998 where he experienced a transformation in his style and put the Giant Killer to rest in 2000 for a time of rest and repair. It was in the industrial/darkwave clubs and industrial bands in Denver where he found inspiration and a new sound. During this time, Glass would do keyboard work with The Josh Holloran Band now O'Holloran and play shows with a sister band Foolish Things of Mark Labriola/American Idol fame. Glass found himself in keyboard and vocal support of Josh Holloran's "Sense of Direction" with one of Blondie's producers and would tour all over the Colorado area with the band. During his stay with The Josh Holloran Band, Glass would compete at Estes Park in the battle of the bands and compete against "For All The Drifters" The Drifters would go on to form Paper Route after winning the battle. Glass left the band during a short move back to Houston and the band would go on to win the coveted Estes Park battle of the bands the next year opening for Margaret Becker and Third Day and record an EP in Nashville. They would play a handful of shows as The Turning and then the band was no more. During this time, and moves back and forth from Houston, Glass formed Industry of Faith with Christopher Short and released "The Lost Generation" which one of its singles: "Eye of the Storm" found its way on a compilation CD for Scum of the Earth in Denver Colorado. Between 2001-2004, Toph Short and Glass Lozano began to develop their unique electronic and trip hop sound and began playing shows in Denver. This duo would begin to make a name for themselves and add a few more members to the group. By the fall of 2004 the band was no more and Toph Short and Glass went their separate ways. Out of the ashes of Industry of Faith, two of the members went to form Synaptic Window and Glass formed The Glass Projeckt. Toph pursued other musical projects until forming Pathless Sea. The Glass Projeckt has been a studio project since 2005 and has been recently changed to Underwater Canyons. The following story is true and factual and has made this duo into a sort of an urban legend. Glass would also meet other colorful and talented characters along the way.


Hovering on the outer rim of the solar system is a little world tucked away. At arms reach it is as surreal as it is real and there are many visitors but most cannot see the busy traffic of the cities because they are shielded by several large moons.

It is here along this stretch of space where there are the busy traffic lanes of commercial industrial ports. All along these ports are taverns and night clubs that glitter in the alien atmosphere...

At the far end of this expanse, is a slow moving cruiser. A large window opens up to allow one to view the celestial beauty just beyond a 12 inch expanse of tempered glass to keep everything regulated inside. It is here where a quiet man awakes from cryogenia. He has come a long way and seems to have been transported from somewhere. Soft music is playing in the background and he feels calm and peaceful.

The Early Tale Will Now Be Told In A Series of Different Lights

The ideas for The Glass Projeckt first began to germinate in the artist Glass when he was working with the band Three Second Echo or rather the lyrical and musical ideas were an extension of The Glass Projeckt; for the album Ghost Signature was already underway and, as a side project breaking off from the orbit of IOF, he decided that he wanted to be at the controls of his own destiny and lead a group of talented musicians. He began on his own and took some of the music that he wrote from the IOF project and began to craft a new tale.

Glass spent about 2 months reinventing the songs and built up the layers of each track. Things really started to progress for him when he picked up a pair of Mackie Hr 624 studio monitors, studio stands and a Line 6 Guitar Port to help him transfer his ideas from his Roland Fantom keyboard- that had been trustingly by his side for about 4 years. Many ideas saved in small bite sized portions on hard disks is where they were sometimes stored-or in his head. Glass likes to call it his laboratory. A good friend Toph Short from the IOF days and present collaborator would like to call the style, of how Glass works, as scientific and experimentory such as a doctor would in a large white clean sterile room with his patients on the lab table.

Glass however in real life is a very normal slightly lanky individual with a head full of compartments that operate simultaneously. The creative engine is what drives him and it is here where he teeters on the verge of mad scientist, madness and sheer genius-at least that is what his close contemporaries say. But, he seldom makes an appearance in real life or out in public because he leads a simple nomadic life. -Unless of coarse he does make appearances on the stage to perform his musical works. Aside from that, he is a simpleton living with his girlfriend, in a house, along a fold in a very quiet neighborhood in Houston.

The musical bed from The Glass Projeckt first starts with foundations of jazz, folk and blues. Some of these ideas began to emerge while working with Three Second Echo (Wake The Pilot). Glass had made a few visits to the local nightclubs in Denver and was inspired by the raw power that came from the industrial scene. In his mind, the speakers on the ceiling with the intricate piping that he saw above the dance floor, became a series of strange statues and forms peering down with red and blue eyes. This architecture would flow around to form the lights that bounced along to the legs and arms swaying in the dark layers of music. Each person was a solar system unto themselves- an ornate piece of a larger whole swaying as if one organism.

Glass grew up in Houston. At an early age, developed a liking for the piano and the guitar and would sing in choir at school. His mother would often wonder why he would sit at the piano and play for hours. He told his mom that he was writing a symphony and explained what each part meant. Often times he would wake up suddenly in the night to go into the humid garage to flesh out a fresh vocal idea. He would love to hear the vocal lines echo off the walls forming a nice singing chamber. During this time is when he began to develop himself as a songwriter quickly filling up notebooks of songs that he had written. It was a very amazing thing when the lyrics would start to flow and things would start to click on paper. The old red piano that looked like it was painted several different colors, which originally was to be meant for just a borrowed thing resting in the garage until someone could come and pick it up, became a regular part of his family- and a regular part of his life. He would open the large sound door and listen to the differences in tone and feeling. These sounds were engrained into his memory. The piano has always been etched in a gold ornate font entitled Clinton.

It was not all rosy however. Plagued by bad sound recordings-even to this day, has been a constant thorn in Glass' side. Glass used to take apart everything and would not put it back together. It was not the skill in putting it back together that was his goal, but the taking of the parts, meant for one thing, and creating something completely different. He would experiment with parts of a gutted typewriter and built a new working model with electric car motors and things. One day his mother walked in to find hundreds of typewriter pieces scattered all over the floor. Glass was in the corner under a light he had plugged in with some old electric car parts and a selection of pieces from the typewriter. This side has always been with him -boxes of junk neatly stacked on shelves awaiting a future project. His mother was concerned because one of the contraptions was smoking. The motors and flying gadgets that Glass experimented with during that time, would eventually become to the world as experimenters experimented with ideas the drone age. Glass' ideas
that he later shared with his friend and co-collaborator Toph Short for his music website and marketing was so far ahead of his time..that he would need to wait ten years to begin to enjoy the tech age which he had foreseen to participate in music again.

The recording sessions in those days were far from glamorous. There was a way to take several tape recorders and make multiple tracks. It was often a tricky procedure but manifested itself in a successful manor in a strange way. -The funniest thing probably seeing the young Glass holding one tape recorder up to the other speaker in close proximity to get a two track recording.These odd experiments led to a series of cassette tape projects with 8 or nine songs recorded as 3 or 4 track recordings. It seemed to work and people were pleased with the finished product, because he would hear them talk about how they would play the cassette tapes as they drove to work or off on errands.

A small collection of these tapes have been collected and are stored somewhere in the catacombs of Glass' personal archive. They are also stored at a friends house and sit until maybe one day someone hears them again.

Aside from these small vignettes of Glass' life, he remains a very secretive and private individual. Even talking with his close friends there is very little they know about him. What they are familiar with is his music and working with him on the projects together -The life of the individual is not really needed because the art of the individual is what is important to him. The crafting of tales in songs is the outlet to reveal his pain. What more than that, is his own family and how that most people that know them in Houston do not even know that the Lozano family have an older brother. The request from his own mother about sending him a short story of his life is what inspired this piece, as many that have helped him, I the Moth, am another help to reveal his story and his mind to people that will listen written down by the fingers of an insect.

Glass always had a fascination with the harp and the guitar. When not playing the piano he would play the guitar and write different kinds of songs with this instrument. It began to be his instrument of choice for songwriting. Over several years, with an aid of an instructor, he developed his speed skill and style and would begin finding an audience with an Irish folk style-playing for as many people that would listen. This found him playing in front of small groups and larger groups-until he had a taste of playing and singing in front of hundreds. Like bad recordings, dead end jobs would keep him underground for years- Always struggling with getting a car and saving up enough money to buy decent equipment. Eventually, he would find that job and purchase that car.

When he decided to move to Colorado, he had developed somewhat of an underground following under a different name. Venturing out into the unknown would bring him before another unknown set of circumstances. There was something magical about staying in Colorado. For one thing, several dreams while he lay sleeping, opened up a large meaningful and adventurous time for what lay ahead. Glass was optimistic and soon branched off from the friends that he had moved up with and found a place to flourish on his own. When Glass first arrived to Colorado He was still somewhat of -country folk- with a light accent. He would get in trouble for saying certain words at work such as "fix'n ta", or "I'm fix'n to" People would look up from their cubicles and chuckle. But this was how he was raised and didn't know any better. Glass was also very thin and kind of grungy looking; wearing lots of plaids and over sized shirts. He also had a goatee that he had grown and had been with him for many years. The one thing that was the most noticeable about Glass was his auburn copper hair. And for that matter, he was not known as Glass then. Since then, he has filled out and become more of a gentle giant in stature.

Glass had only made a few appearances in the music scene in Colorado; the leader of several musical projects and aiding to help build and establish others. He is known as a behind the scenes guy and for the first 6 years that he was in Colorado he helped build a project called IOF in which he met Toph Short and his brother Stefan Short; who have grown to be like 2nd brothers to him. Through thick and thin, they begin to develop and forge an indie electronic sound that was all their own. They released a concept album that built for them a small following and helped to establish the new sound that they were developing. The momentum began to build as they decided to release the album as an independent release and picked up two more members to begin working on the live performances. The downfall of this project was that there was no clear defined leader of the group and shortly disbanded under the weight of its own turmoil. Glass also under the weight of his own personal financial struggle made several trips back to Houston to live with his parents and friends until another opportunity opened up for him to make it back to Colorado. It was during this time that he met his girlfriend online while promoting his group -but it was not before he met another girl that helped shape him into the artist he is today. This time was a very dark and winding staircase that led to deep blackness for him. It was also part of the emotion that helped fuel the new sound for IOF and later The Glass Projeckt. It was here, where a simple innocent country boy unraveled and began to molt into something entirely different. It is in these moments that define an artist's life. It is unexplained. His friends around him began to see the change In him as well. It seems as though bad relationships can work to make something good -at least offer the fuel necessary to create a creative engine. The young country boy broke into a million pieces and the pieces lay scattered in a broken box of shards. Glass began to write in the privacy of his own pain an album outside of IOF and TGP.

After a few rabbit trails back and forth from Houston to Colorado, Glass found himself without a band as IOF spun off in its own direction. He decided that he was going to move back to Colorado without his friends knowing to get his life together. He got a great job and soon had enough money to get the car he had always wanted-a silver Eclipse which he named Eve and a nice set of studio monitors. He decided to form The Glass Projeckt, to see what he could do with all the shards he had become. He took two months out and wrote the album Ghost Signature, -A collection of 14 songs. A brief reappearance from dormancy greeted him with old hurts and wounds as the alliances shifted as all bands struggle to remain alive in their own way. Things were not the same and each had grown their own separate ways.

There was a mutual friend named Benjamin Janzen that had a band named Fair Well. The friends seemed to be able to work well together in that light. It was learned that some of the members of the old IOF split off to form another group Synaptic Window -the bass player would hover between that group and Fair Well. It was also during this time when a certain Moth came out of his cocoon and began to weave a certain tale. It was also seen that the graphic design of this certain Moth would be a good match for the newly forming Glass Projeckt. This Moth would find friendships with the Seattle underground and do a number of cd designs and layouts for the band Elektronika which would lead to other projects along the way..

Fair Well found a little nest to grow in at a friend's house' garage. Jim Brunetti, the owner of the house acknowledged Glass as a good keyboard player. Fair Well would later become Stasis of Seasons. Stasis is now a vibrant figure in the Denver underground scene with its cult following along with its sister band Pathless Sea.

Glass joined up with that project as a way to warm up to his old friends and to heal old hurts with IOF. Also, it was the interest he had in Ben Janzen's music. The two formed a musical bond and friendship that lasts to this day. Glass did a collaboration with Ben before that time- Echo of Silence- an electronic version of one of Ben's songs that made its way to 1190 AM in Ft. Collins, Colorado and was played regularly. As the band began to build in its own momentum, Glass began to develop a unique sound that he created for Fair Well. He would later carry that sound into a band that Glass would play for..Black Queen Speaks. The lineup played one show at a benefit barbecue that served a delicious roasted pig to all of its guests and Fairwell began to gain a small following.

As the musical waters had changed with IOF, Glass began looking for a new band as he wrote and produced TGPs Ghost Signature. He would find two guys in Ft Collins Colorado which he auditioned for and got the position as lead vocalist for The Ft Collins Project- it would later become Three Second Echo and then eventually Wake The Pilot. The chemistry between these guys was explosive and 5 songs were soon written. It was at this time where Glass was first introduced to and would find a rich bed to share his music with the world. This was during the time of Myspace's infancy.

Glass juggled three projects at once: Fair Well, The Glass Projeckt, and Three Second Echo. He began to develop his production skills and was soon writing a lot of material for three different acts. It was also at this time while he was branching out and networking online to find new markets for his music when he met Tobi Love on

Tobi Love and Glass decided to do a musical collaboration online sending tracks back and forth from Miami to Colorado. Glass laid down vocals for a tune Tobi wrote called -She Cries For Morning- More collaborations were decided and a new alliance was formed.

The four projects that Glass worked on simultaneously soon became two as Glass parted ways from Fair Well on good terms. Also, Three Second Echo disbanded from its own financial and internal struggles however, that was not before they enjoyed a brief taste of the mainstream music scene in Denver and enjoyed a nice rehearsal space at The Walnut Room playing a few shows around town. Kody the guitarist of Three Second Echo and Glass remain good friends and continue to work on collaborations. Kody is now playing guitar and leading his own band called Wake The Pilot.


In the summer of 2005, Glass released his first album- "Ghost Signature", which did well in the Colorado area and received air play gaining the attention of trip hop/breaks producer Tobi Love.

Tobi's bio reads:

Known as breakbeat's sexiest producer, "Tobi Love", best known for her work in seminal IDM group "The Indigo Children", and progressive breaks group "Love-Sub" (now "red:garuda"), she is also well known for her work with rock and pop artists - Aerosmith, Thundertrain, The Lab Animals, Deepside, See Tobi Love's other projects ~ The Lab Animals --- coming soon: red:garuda with subGenre, also coming soon.......evol ibot.

...and the main bio...

Tobi Love, raised during the early rave scene in Ireland, studied at the prestigious London College of Music, and moved to the States in order to attend the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. From there she was hired by Bongiovi Entertainment; enigmatic and instrumental producer Tony Bongiovi (Motown / Columbia) and Jonathan Wright / Christopher / Mystery), and became part of the production team for "DEEP-SIDE", Bongiovi's Urban R&B and Hip Hop mega-release (now produced by R Kelly). While working under their guidance, she put the commercial sound she had learned to work in a darker, dancier style. It's this "big" sound that led her to found the iconic South Florida group "Indigo Children" with producer/dj Chris Beats. After a one year sojourn in Orlando perfecting her progressive/nu skool style, she returned to Miami to work with breakbeat producer subGENRE. Over the years, Tobi has worked with Joe Perry of Aerosmith, mastered records for the iconic group "Thundertrain", is known as one of the music industry's top up and coming producers, and was named a "Top Pick for Weekend Entertainment" by the Miami Herald.

Glass went to form the electronic project The Lab Animals with Tobi Love and sing lead vocals for Ft Collins Three Second Echo with Kody Slusher and A. J. Gramata until the fall of 2007. (Glass and Tobi continue to work on their project behind the scenes) During this time, The Glass Projeckt showed signs of forming with Link Talley and Dj Delirio coming on board for a short time and plans were made to re-release "Ghost Signature" as "Ghost Signature Club Mix" -however, the members of the band were scattered all over Colorado and forming the group had incredible obstacles to over come. Glass and Toph Short would find a musical chemistry again in a short tenure with Ben Janzens band Fairwell/Stasis of Seasons and find his way again to radio with the single "Echo of Silence." Glass did work and played a show at Cervantes with keyboardist Gary Slaughter of The Vergers ex member of Velvet Acid Christ. Playing his last show in Denver, Glass moved back to Houston and took time to write and reflect over his time spent in Colorado for almost four years writing 12 volumes. During this time Glass played lead guitar with a local punk band The Ikari rubbing shoulders with Vatos Locos. He did keyboard work in the industrial group Oneness Darkness which led him to local producer and guitarist Irron R. Collins IV. In early 2008, after creating a few EP's: "Piano Death Sessions" and "Amore" in 2007 and doing a collaboration with Tripnotic (The MatrixReanimated/Revolution),for Glass' Exos Animus soundtrack and graphic novel, Glass began working on his second album "Phobia" joining forces with Littleton Colorado's Nicholas Heyl of Stupid Human Suit. Tripnotic and Glass talked about a possible project in the future working on some more music together. It was during this time, that Glass purchased Protools and began to transition over from his Line 6 interface he used to record "Ghost Signature."

During this time he would do a few collaborations with VSI (Virtual Space Industrial) Out of Warsaw, Poland. Nicholas and Glass would find an incredible chemistry as songwriters and arrangers as they began to work on tracks: "Neglect", "Ash", "Kings and Queens" a cover of The Cranberries "Zombie" and later "Trip Inside My Head" The duo forged a new alliance to do an album and would bring in additional help from Irron R. Collins IV and the shadowy-Technodrone adding her prowess with her work on Deus Ex. From this nucleus, the duo decided they should begin looking for a producer to help produce "Phobia." In this experimental stage finding a balance between acoustic, darkwave and industrial rock, Glass would add to his songwriting software Reaper and cut a dozen or so rough ideas and displayed them on Reverb Nation and Myspace.


In April of 2009, Glass would meet producer Jonathan Perkins from New York. John would
introduce him as follows:

A little about me: my name is Jonathan Perkins, and I have been a writer/producer for many years now. The artist I mentioned is a British R&B artist by the name of Jay Sean, and in the past year, he was just signed to an American deal by CashMoney Records, Lil Wayne's label. So he is having great success and all of us on this project are very excited. I have written with very well-known and established songwriters such as Claude Kelly, (wrote for Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Akon), and Makeba Riddick, (wrote for Beyonce, Toni Braxton), among others. In addition to R&B, I work with several Latin Pop artists, as I see the future of the music industry in the melding of cultures as the US market becomes more diversified. I have also recently finished scoring the music to a documentary about doing business in China, so my expertise ranges from contemporary songwriting and production to film scores, arranging, orchestration, etc. Most recently, a lot of my rock work was featured on MTV's "Room Raiders".

Glass considered the offer to cut his demo with John but decided instead that he would continue his sessions in Protools and produce the album that he was working on himself with his own private label Blue Eden Records with his present collaborators, co-conspirators and producers. Glass had many conversations with John over the material that he shared and much industry advice was given over the direction of his music. Perhaps Glass will be working with him in the near future. Other producers would approach him and in the end he would set out to produce and write it himself with his musical friends. This set the stage for looking to be a solid support for another band and plans toward forming his own band which had never been put together yet. The following year, In 2010, Orange Factory Music's writer/producer Jonathan "PerkyRain" Perkins would win an Emmy for his documentary scoring work about China.

In the winter of 2009, Glass joined up with Black Queen Speaks winning the slot out of 30 keyboardists and auditioning with "She" writing a baroque piece for them. He carried the sound that he had begun to develop in Fairwell (Stasis of Seasons)..a mixture of soul, jazz and darkwave. He played keyboard with them until the fall of 2010. Glass worked on one song with Michael Blas entitled "Fire and Soul" a collaboration of Glass' †song "The Fire That Lights Up The Sky." Glass has opened with Black Queen Speaks for A Gracious Few and American Bang and has played Warehouse Live, Texas Rock Fest and House of Blues. He has also shared a stage with locals: Pale, Saturate and One Eyed Doll. After leaving the band to concentrate on The Glass Projeckt, Glass looked back after a time of reflection, to see he had played keyboard with one of the best new acts to come out of Houston..also to recollect after writing about his full experience in the band in Volume 8 and 9 of his writings, the time where he was present for the conversation about marketing on Facebook that would lead BQS to amass a fan-base that climbed to nearly 100,000. After Glass' departure, Black Queen Speaks released a 2nd EP and opened for Saving Abel, Brett Michaels, Great White, and Slash among other great bands. They played a show in India and won a Reverb Nation Battle of the Bands sharing the stage with other greats.

On May 21rst 2014, the band decided that their time with Black Queen Speaks had drawn to a close. -of which this is what was posted to their Facebook page:

"The members of BQS have decided to hang them up and bring an end to the partnership we started 6 years ago. With different area of life calling calling our attention away from the music, we felt the time was right to go our separate ways while we remain friends and brothers. We are grateful to all of you that have supported us through the years and most of all to everyone who came out to our shows. We apologize to those of you who never got to see us live but, being an independent band, sometimes the lack of funds makes it difficult to tour. We would especially like to thank Adam Lopez, Amanda Tucker, Rick Rodriguez, John Escamilla, Dan Workman and Eric Jarvis for their guidance and support. We would also like to thank Glass Lozano and Jessie Gonzalez for the time and effort they put into BQS, we appreciate it! We plan on having our last curtain call in either June or July; all you guys are invited!!! So come on down to H-town!!! Below is a link to the 1rst song BQS ever recorded...we never released it because we couldn't agree internally whether we should or not..well here it is, we hope you like it...the circle is now complete! PEACE!"

On 8/2/2014 was Black Queen Speaks last curtain call. As the men road out on a blaze of glory, they
were acknowledged by the great Sylvia Massey (producer to Tool, RHCP, Deftones, SOAD,One Eyed Doll) about their song She- "A lyrical masterpiece!" †As the baroque strings and piano written for "She" remained etched into Glass' mind written for the live concerts, Glass reflected that he fell within a period of time with them between their two Eps which the written parts had not made it to the albums. He had within his possession however, his parts recorded for both EP's in the studio sessions- which the parts were translated to play live which he did. Glass was happy to perform with them and to be a part of their story.


Having lost their frontman two years ago, Glass became apart of another rising bands story. The Apostles set out to find a new lead singer. In the fall of 2010 after auditioning 40 vocalists from all walks of life and styles including an American Idol contestant, they chose Glass Lozano to lead them. As the band completed their album with their new frontman in about 5 months, the band set off on fire playing material from their new album "The Sad Lonely Truth" headlining their first show with Downfall Rising, Adamantium, Fear Fed Eyes and Engine 69. Next, was the Coffin Case Hard Rock and Fashion Show gaining exposure on 94.5 The Buzz with Sid-17, Fallacy, The Bayou City Outlaw Band and Otenki in the Warehouse Live Ballroom. During this time, Glass also relocated his private label Blue Eden Records to a new facility. In attendance that night for their second show were some of his old bandmates -members of Black Queen Speaks. Glass debuted "Challengers" A Capella for sound check on July 29th 2011 bringing down the house with cheers and approval by the Coffin Case girls. writes about The Apostles first show which they headlined July 16th 2011 for the Jetspeed Metal Music Showcase:

"The Apostles closed out the show, another band I have never seen. Again, because of merch and load out, I didnít get to watch much, but I wanna chack them out another night when I can watch their entire set. The singer has this stage presence about him that is just, different, canít really explain it, different in a way that makes you want to watch, just so at ease, movements so fluid and sounded real good. Itís nights like this that make me proud to support local rock music, this bill was solid from start to finish with something for everyone."

Their 3rd show, with Glass as their frontman, would be at the House of Blues and a flyer of a Chinese junk ship was made with the Trinity Being symbol and the Chi Rho symbol hidden in its sails..
which symbolized that the dream was still alive..but he wouldn't quite make it to the House of Blues with them, however he had made it to the stage of House of Blues in Houston with Black Queen Speaks once before.

Glass left The Apostles August 9th 2011 due to creative differences and musical direction. Glass, during his short stay with them, performed some of his old IOF material with the band. Over time, The Apostles would eventually find a permanent replacement in the vocals of Qu Griffin, opening for national acts and be named one of the 10 best new rock acts in Houston. They would also find a #1 spot in Houston's Reverb Nation and
hold their title for as long as time would allow..

At the beginning, The Apostles had picked a local producer to record their album, but the band decided that after hearing a few tracks they would move on to a new producer. Glass was asked by A.D. Rountree of 94.5 the Buzz in Houston to submit Apostles tracks to the radio station. Since Glass didn't have tracks ready with his new band, he decided to submit instead The Glass Projeckt material because it had been recorded recently. After a few months, TGP was selected instead for iHeartradio's new emerging artists and would be added to 350+ radio stations throughout the United States. The Glass Projeckt was also approached by Slydawg/Heaven and Hell internet radio! As the band imploded and with its producer, Glass' side project would move forward. The Glass Projeckt is now a 94.5 the Buzz band and receiving national streaming of its music.

2011 Glass Projeckt Merge:

In Aug 2011, Toph Short and Glass Lozano decided to end an 8 yr. hiatus and discuss what would become of Industry of Faith. In addition, the Three Second Echo material and Lab Animals material would merge into the Projeckt to form one body of work. Two additional mini projects a gothic acoustic project called The Language of Moths and Glass' experimental instrumentals -Tech Observes Jazz, one created in 2005 and the other in 2004, would merge to form a new project of which the name had not been disclosed. These "mini" projects were part of the structure within the writing of Phobia.

2012 The Cell Divides in Two

In 2012, Glass revealed that the Glass Projeckt would be dividing in two. Glass would keep The Glass Projeckt intact as his main studio project and seek to put together a new band: Underwater Canyons. In June 2012, instead of releasing the anticipated Phobia album, he released the EP "Of Love and Heartbreak" which featured 7 b-sides of "Ghost Signature." In addition to the EP, he announced the launch of his new design company to replace Submersive Designs-Dark Rabbit Studios. All of the main design sites and music sites were re-vamped. With the launch of the studio, he released along with the EP "Deconstructing The Portal of Sorrow" A new watercolor/pencil. An experimental video with the same name set to "Mannequin" was also released on Vimeo and Open Film. Open film has now featured the video on its distribution network Blinkx. "I'm All Alone" Is the title track b-side that has never been released until June 2012. Those that purchased the EP received a signed copy of the print "Deconstructing The Portal of Sorrow." A run of prints were made. The forming of Underwater Canyons has been slow and auditions have begun. A formal announcement will be made when the right line-up has been chosen. Glass has been busy writing new material for his new band. A select few volunteered to hear the new Underwater Canyons material, and the first to hear was Jarrett Brown, a fan that had stretched all the way back to 2003 to the IOF days. It was exciting to discover and Jarrett received a signed copy of Glass' new watercolor and EP.

Forays Into The Unknown: Underwater Canyons

Having had The Glass Projeckt, a successful studio project since 2005, Glass Lozano revealed in 2012 the name of his new band Underwater Canyons. The work began slow, a handful of ideas from the bands that he was in previously: Three Second Echo/Wake the Pilot, Black Queen Speaks and The Apostles. A year of taking a break from the scene and a few months of auditioning musicians for the band led him to consider the idea of becoming a solo act and writing a demo of the new material.

"I've had a string of bad years with computer hard drive and software crashes. A power supply meltdown for a laptop and a navigation problem on board the Roland Fantom 16 track sequencer just this year..this has set me back a little. It's not easy to replace expensive equipment sometimes."

This has led Glass into more experimental waters. Recording equipment intact and a new Behringer Vampire combo, new electric guitars, effects pedals and a host of video, music and graphic editing software has led the artist into the world of music videos, illustration and animation.

"I'll begin playing live shows when I have updated all of my equipment and have completed a UC album. For now, I'll paint the world with glitchy promotional material which you can find on You Tube and other places..I've had some offers to play live, but when the time comes, I'd like to start off with a well designed visual and aural experience.."

"The Glass Projeckt has this sort of underwater theme, but I wanted it to be a true underwater project, so I decided to give half of it a new name. Its mutation would take on to itself the new growth and development of where the Projeckt had come from. I had not moved into video or animation with the Projeckt, and I felt that U.C. was the perfect avenue to began to explore this hidden love of mine."

Underwater Canyons, leaves off where The Glass Projeckt ended..

UC is like all pistons firing at once, where Projeckt was just music..a steam engine of creativity. U.C. explores film noir, but also the art and content of political propaganda, and murky philosophies, sadness, and the unknown..It is a well of emotion powering to life..a leviathan that rises from the deep. At times it is acoustic and ambient. -other times it is driving and anthemic.

"I find tremendous freedom in this project. It is a way to explore the depths of what inspires me, to write and create without boundaries."

Mergers and Acquisitions

In August 2012 Glass revealed that Phobia, the much anticipated 2nd Glass Projeckt album, would be merging with the new material of Underwater Canyons to form one album entitled "Cardinal Points." Glass also revealed to Turtle, a dj on heaven and hell radio, that Underwater Canyons would take the place of The Glass Projeckt officially as the new band name. Turtle played "Trip Inside My Head." and featured the new material on his radio show.


Phobia/Cardinal Points will be a collaboration between Nik Heyl, Christopher Short, Glass Lozano and his production team. The Deadly Nevergreen Collective. The album has been in production for 10 years. The album will feature a poster for each song, graphic design by winners of the Cardinal Points graphic design contest, and remix artists for the album.

Underwater Canyons and Underwater Canyons theatre can by found here:

We at Underwater Canyons thank, A.D. Rountree, 94.5 The Buzz, iHeartradio, Dj Catt, and Slydawg/Heaven and Hell internet radio for playing The Glass Projeckt/Underwater Canyons. Call and request Underwater Canyons to be played on the air on your local radio station or internet radio.



About this time is when another character began to emerge in the Houston underground scene along side Moth. Glass is known around Texas as being The Dark Rabbit and he added to his management team..Bunna Hoppa which now host his music page and culture, music and mayhem entity: Washington Insiderz Magazine..The Dark Rabbit worked on the other side of Houston's music business booking bands with PCP Management and hosting a few shows of his own to learn the ins and outs of the professional music industry..rubbing shoulders with greats such as: Hate for State out of California, Texas' own Eclipse and Virginia's Saint Diablo. The Dark Rabbit and Bunna Hoppa hosted a show at Numbers with Hate For State and Boone and ran into an old buddy Bryan Zavar with his punk band The Minx Delilah as one of their opening acts. Bryan and The Dark Rabbit used to play in a band together as The Ikari and had a few conversations talking about old times that night. The Dark Rabbit would introduce his new band. The Dark Rabbit would introduce Hate For State wearing aviators and a backpack strapped to his back..saying something like he had to catch the next bus back to stinkadena..After the show..The Dark Rabbit with his trusted Bunna Hoppa which he stuffed into his backpack went back into a time of dormancy.. disappearing off the scene of the Houston underground and taking a leave of absence from PCP Management. It has been purported however that this
Bunna Hoppa, or as some know as The White Rabbit, may be the damsel Courtney Webb. The two have shared working relationships with PCP Management during a tour stint along the East coast planned..and business partnerships with graphic design and a car accessory company. Bunna Hoppa however is a stuffed gray bunny
which The Dark Rabbit carries around with him on occasion.

Meanwhile, Glass got engaged to his girlfriend, moved to another location in Houston, grew a full rose colored beard, his auburn hair long again and began working on scales and vocal training exercises and recording his new album. In 2014 his studio project turned 23 years old. His brother treated himself to a DW drum set. Some know the brothers as The Sons of Thunder...Christopher and Stefan are known as The Meric Brothers...

In addition to his song craft, since returning from Colorado in September of 2007, Glass has been steadily writing and illustrating in his journals. One continuous stream of thought has been created since September 9th 2007 until presently. In its own right, the journals have been a long journey in themselves. Here is a list of the purported works which have all been handwritten, some typed, printed and collected.

Volume 1: Ancient Alluvial Architecture: An Introduction to Chonchlean Architecture.
Volume 2: Tongues and Interpretations
Volume 3: The Love Cell Begins
Volume 4: The Love Cell Vs. The Roman Empire
Volume 5: Returning to the Anchors of the Distant Past
Volume 6: Intellectual Goldmines
Volume 7: Wheels Within Wheels
Volume 8: Structural Bio Mechanics
Volume 9: Culture Blooms: The Secrets of Sheathed Beauty
Volume 9b: The Bujinkan: Freedom of Movement
Volume 10: The Day of the Submarine
Volume 11: Physics of Inverted Cones
Volume 12: Narrow Windows: The Domain of The Dark Rabbit
Volume 13: The Commentary of Volume 1/The Rise of the Dark Circus
Volume 14: Genealogical Study of the West Side
Volume 15: The Adjustment Bureau: Shift To the Americas
Volume 16: The Chemistry of The Mind: Introduction Into Bombardment Theory <--table of contents
Volume 17: The Decompression Chamber: The Destruction of Leviathan
Volume 17b: Vital Touch: Into Medical Study
Volume 18: Sleeper Cell: The Season of The Black Hurricane
Volume 19: Precursor Element: The Investigation of Predicting Future Events
Volume 20: Shadow Arrows: The Enemies of Future Progress
Volume 21: Shadowside: The Bombs of Silence
Volume 22: Bubblespeak: Counterweights and Countermeasures
Volume 23: The Broken Trident
Volume 24: Sleeper Cell: Crosscurrents and Undercurrents
Volume 25: The Gateway of the Gypsy Moth (in progress)
Volume 26: Column 4: Bugs in the Chambers of Babylon (coming soon)
Volume 27: Rose in the Rose Window (coming soon)

Time: The End Filament That is Constantly Shifting and Changing

In the fall of 2013, Glass took a break from his musical pursuits and enrolled into medical school another love of his..which comprises 17b in The Parchments. With avid note taking and documentation, it earned him the title by Dr. Wray, the founder of the school, micro print Clint.

During his time at the school, several students would approach Glass and ask about him being a well known musician and wonder about the urban legends. Glass would agree that all of it was true. His girlfriend was at his side. His fellow students recognized his talents, abilities and intelligence and one said that he would even make a great actor someday..

Glass plans to enroll, after medical school, into the field of archaeology with his love and passion of illustration and ancient documents. The world has taken a dark turn which leaves the element of uncertainty in his private studies and pursuits in the field. While he writes and illustrates forward into the future, he must also consider the 2nd major project behind the writings and that is filling in the table of contents of the volumes written which he has just begun Volume 16. The Parchments however are presently in Volume 25.

Another major shift that will take place soon upon graduation is the shift from the abstract cuboidal shape exercises that he has been persistent at since high school into realism. This has been a long 22 year developmental period seeking to gain mastery of the mechanical pencil and the ink pen.

2014 was spent illustrating and writing..



2015 can best be described by this info graphic..

The Underwater Canyons story The%20breakaway%20system_zpshjhvt9gp

2015 and 2016 can best be described in this short little synopsis:

FEB 26th 2015

dude: approaches glass' band looking for musicians
dude: "let's start a band.."
glass: "ok."
jams at a park
forms trio for underwater canyons
jams some makes announcement of new band members
dudes.."but we don't want to form your band.."
glass "ok."
practices several months in home
moves band to rehearsal space
forms quartet which glass fronts
decides band name
out of a long list of band chooses the name of one of glass' side projects
dude: only contributes one band name
glass: "we are "said band name.."
writes three or four sings over one of his..
they remake one of glass' of glass' has many songs to put together..dude contributes a few songs..
bassist doesn't work out
dude: "I'm playing with these guys to steal the bass player."
dude: "I don't want to play in this band.."
glass: †announces death of quartet
dude: †takes band flies in vocalist from another country..adds bassist
dude: †forms his band, plays shows, begins to open for national acts
they decide to release three song ep of glass' side project
a year later
releases ep
glass: †out of the kindness of his heart promotes dudes band
glass: listens to live show of dudes band he has been promoting a few months
glass to dude:"why are you playing my remake song live for with different lyrics?"
online discussion
dude: "sorry that music was for "said project" I won't play it again.."
peers weight in on obvious remake of glass' song which the dude performed live with his band with different lyrics..
glass: †conversation with friends
dude: †doesn't know the side project of glass' is also his band that he didn't want to originally be in.
glass: †begins new sessions for album in progress

AUG 21, 2016

The Beautiful Implosion Ep and Rays of Light Which Re-Emerge

2016 would turn out an active year and Glass would release The Beautiful Implosion EP of his side project
The Language of Moths, he would reveal the remix team for his album Cardinal Points and announce the four
part concept album:NEGLECT/DIRGES/LAMENT/WOE. In addition, he would share two more songs off of
Cardinal Points "You're A Machine" and "Tipping The Balance." with accompanied videos and announce a new
mix of "You're A Machine" that would feature the vocals of W.T. Lummus (Project Dopamine). In addition to
this, Lab Animals, Language of Moths and Glass Projeckt would re-emerge along side Underwater Canyons,
with credits,bio and collaborations which had all been put away since 2012.

In addition, Glass reached out to his old band The Apostles with permanent singer Qu and shared with them
a video edit of "The Sad Lonely Truth" which Glass created of the acoustic take between himself and Gee.
The news of the concept album Cardinal Points would also be shared with them. He would later reveal
that Gee and Glass talked in 2015 over the future of "The Sad Lonely Truth.." having been granted permission
to use the lyrical content but not the music. Glass would then ponder over this for about a year.
Glass would reveal that a 5th album would be introduced to Cardinal Points..selections
from "The Sad Lonely Truth."with new music.

The Nature of Permissions and The Language of Moths

The Beautiful Implosion EP featuring Jose Domena of the Dread Pixels would also be added into
the release of Cardinal Points. Glass would work out with Domena that he was not allowed to
play material from the Moths EP..unless Glass was a member of his band. The two worked
out this new agreement over the coarse of two weeks and concluded the negotiations at the
close of August 2016.

A Hidden Channel Within The Lab Animals

As Glass looked over his records in 2016, he also rediscovered the nature of Tobi's side project Suffer The Boys.
Glass would relearn that Tobi spent 16 months perfecting the sound that they had begun with The Lab Animals..and
the body of work was presented to him as material written specifically for him. Knowing this, the awareness was
raised that Suffer The Boys was also Lab Animals. This was presented at the end of 2012, but it took Glass another
five years to rediscover the nature of such a gift and its magnitude..In the fall of 2016, Glass began to re-cultivate
the project which had remained dormant since 2012, put away for a time within the deep recesses of Underwater Canyons
where The Dark Rabbit would hide away some of the projects for a time and add the clause:

"The Dark Rabbit ate our bio.."

The Lab Animals Have Escaped

At the beginning of September 2016, the duo would re emerge as Furr Elise and The Dark Rabbit and would combine †
Suffer The Boys and Lab Animals material into a collective body of work. The two began to carve out songs for a full
album and talk of remix ideas and remakes. For more on Furr, visit

Working album for Cardinal Points:

N E G L E C T/ D I R G E S/ L A M E N T/ W O E

album i † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †N E G L E C T

1. Archane
2. Trip Inside My Head
3. Gehenna Revisit 114
4. You're A Machine
5. I Thought It Was Over
6. The Triangle
7. Blackbird
8. Siren
9. Ash
10. Neglect
11. Challengers

album ii † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †D I R G E S

12. Kings and Queens (Ghost train mix)
13. Leaves
14. You Got Me
15. The Machines of War
16. Denali
17. E. Pluribus Unum
18. Subterfuge (The Envy of Cain)
19. Tipping The Balance
20. Saroline's Last Stand
21. Channel

album iii † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † L A M E N T

22. She Calls In The Day (Ally)
23. Autumn Has Just Begun
24. Higher Ground
25. Tarragon
26. Detour
27. Fire That Lights Up The Sky
28. Is This a Responsible Thing To Do
29. I'm Afraid
30. Unrest
31. Mannequin
32. Vow Of Silence
33. In Your Wire

album iv † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † W O E

Remixologists and featured artists

album v † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †T H E †S A D †L O N E L Y †T R U T H

The Beautiful Implosion EP/The Language of Moths

Seeking A Fifth Member, Glass Finds A New Musical Chemistry With Prime Edict

Despite the turbulence with The Dread Pixels as Underwater Canyons and The Language of Moths were trying to form, before the new quartet was announced as still-born, Glass set out to find a fifth member, a keyboardist, for The Language of Moths and happened to stumble on an ad of a musician looking for musicians to tour with his band overseas..this musician was Christopher Anton (Information Society) Glass was going to respond to the ad, since he knew that Domena was leaving to form Pixels..but decided not to..instead, he found a project that was being promoted..this would begin the musical collaborations and friendship with Thomas Brigham who was looking for a vocalist. Glass and Thomas would form Prime Edict as Moths would implode and become Domena's band Pixels and Moths would be filed away. Glass and Thomas drew up new songs: "Light of Another Sun" and a rework of Thomas' Post Faction song "Fragments."and other songs to be set forward on a new EP.

The Lines Are Redrawn and Thomas is Added to Cardinal Points

Glass and Thomas would set up a meeting at a tea house and talked of plans going forward. From 2015-2016 they formed a friendship and set out to begin their ep..Glass would be asked of Thomas to contribute vocals for "Manufacture The Lie" for his Synth Edikt project, and Glass added Thomas to his re-mix team for Cardinal Points. In this space of time, while Glass and Thomas worked together, they began to talk about the possibility of forming The Language of Moths.

Despite The Complexities, Glass Reveals The Seven Active Musical Branches Within Underwater Canyons

Trinity Being (circa 1991)
Giant Killer (circa 1995)
Tech Observes Jazz (circa 2004)
The Glass Projeckt (circa 2005)
The Lab Animals (circa 2005)
The Language of Moths (circa 2006)
Nocturnal Interludes (circa 2015)

The Popularity of Washington Insiderz Magazine

Despite the complexities of Underwater Canyons trying to form..Glass would find a popularity with his online
magazine Washington Insiderz..hosted by The Dark Rabbit and his trusted Bunna Hoppa..a promotional engine
which spotlighted music, news, culture and mayhem..Glass would find a creative outlet with his Dark Rabbit
Studios and occasionally share updates of his musical endeavors to his subscribers..The magazine would be
formed out of the creative engine that drove his online research and pic gathering for his illustrative montage work.

The Turbulence Would Continue: The Sky Would Open Her Mouth

At the beginning of 2016 a flood would hit Houston and in Louisiana..doing devastation to the bands of the musical well as many homes and businesses..families and lives..

Grandfather the Gray and Rumors of Fiona

In the summer of 2016, Glass' grandfather would pass away. He would play an acoustic set privately to him
as he lay in his gray coffin. Glass had spent the beginning of 2016 preparing the cover song "Into The West"
by Annie Lennox for his grandfather West and gave him the name Grandfather the Gray. The rain would begin
on the day of his funeral. A few days later, the Brenham, Texas flood hit..A few months later, Dave Schwartz,
a popular meteorologist, that Glass liked, would pass away and a few days later, the historic Louisiana flood hit
which Glass named in his journals "Rumors of Fiona.." followed by two twin hurricanes which threatened Hawaii
and then there was Hermine. Since the eye, of the unnamed storm had not been centered over was
not given the proper name..but had it would have been named Fiona. One of his friends, as an eye witness
account, would clarify what the rain was like when the flood hit Louisiana. He said it was like a waterfall
that poured out the sky. Glass showed him where he had penned in the flood before it ever hit Louisiana..
which became only the 2nd person to see his calendar of future events..


Another interval of creativity for the album in progress..



Toph Short and Glass Lozano, after ending an 8 year hiatus in 2012, began talking in June (2013) about forming The Deadly Nevergreen Collective as an LLC and music production company.

In 2013 Christopher Short and Glass Lozano also began to talk about revisiting their first album "The Lost Generation." for a remake and to see what would become of IOF..


Powerful forces are combining behind the scenes to form an electronic rock project to watch on the horizon..the parts and pieces have been condensing for a number of years. The name of Glass' third album after "Cardinal Points" has been recently announced to be named "Sleeper Cell." The Glass Projeckt/Underwater Canyons is a songwriting force that combines an underground network of producers called The Deadly Nevergreen Collective, which some know as The Inkwell Syndicate -led by vocalist multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and graphic artist visionary Glass Lozano and his private label Blue Eden Records. These are facets of his production company Trinity Being Multimedia which has been in operation since 2004.

The Glass Projeckt/Underwater Canyons hovers in the dance music genre, but has deep roots in folk, soul and dark-wave electronica taking in elements of: industrial, metal, post punk and pop forging a new genre members like to call "space industrial" -keeping with strong dark fantasy and science fiction themes.

Trinity Being Multimedia can be found here:

Working members of this collective include producers: Tobi Love(The Lab Animals, Suffer The Boys, Sub Genre, Deepside), Kody Slusher (Three Second Echo, Head Care Solution, Wake The Pilot), Gary Slaughter (Muon Electron, Stone Soup Soldiers,Velvet Acid Christ) Irron R. Collins IV (Irron, Liquid Sound Studio), Nik Heyl (Stupid Human Suit), Zach Talley (LINK),Dj Delirio and Technodrone/Vickie (Deus Ex), Cory Sprouse (Oneness Darkness)..and newcomers Andrew Manning out of the UK and W.T. Lummus (Project Dopamine/Beneath Willow/SOOFS) Thomas Brigham (Prime Edict,Synth Edikt, Anton's Smiths tribute) -and of coarse The Meric Brothers (TB,IOF, RMS, Stasis of Seasons and Pathless Sea)

Musical credits and collaborations:

Fallen Angels: Christopher Short (Pathless Sea), Glass Lozano (Industry of Faith)
Suburbia: Christopher Short (Pathless Sea), Glass Lozano (Industry of Faith)
Silencer: Glass Lozano, Christopher Short,Jimmie Switzer,Victoria (Industry of Faith)
Berlin: Glass Lozano and Christopher Short (Industry of Faith)
Echo of Silence: Ben Janzen (Stasis of Seasons) vs. The Glass Projeckt
Closer: Tripnotic (The Matrix Revisited, Revolution) vs The Glass Projeckt (Exos Animus soundtrack)
Death From Above: Link Talley (Link) vs. Glass Lozano
Fallen Angels 2.0: Link Talley (Link) vs. Glass Lozano
Give Me A Reason: Dj Delirio vs. Glass Lozano
End It Now: Dj Delirio vs Glass Lozano
Machines of War video (third movement) Pariah's Path vs. The Glass Projeckt
Cursed rmx: Gary Slaughter (Velvet Acid Christ) vs. The Glass Projeckt
Tearing: Gary Slaughter (Velvet Acid Christ) vs. The Glass Projeckt
Fire and Soul: Michael Blas (Black Queen Speaks) vs. The Glass Projeckt
The Scheme: Oneness Darkness vs. The Glass Projeckt
Nite Clubbin: (Iggy Pop cover rmx): Oneness Darkness vs. The Glass Projeckt
Ash: Nik Heyl (Stupid Human Suit), Technodrone/Vickie (Deus Ex) and Glass Lozano)
Trip Inside My Head: Nik Heyl (Stupid Human Suit), Irron R. Collins IV (Irron), Tobi Love, Glass Lozano
Kings and Queens: (ghost train mix) Nik Heyl (Stupid Human Suit), Glass Lozano
Neglect: Nik Heyl (Stupid Human Suit) and Glass Lozano
The Sad Lonely Truth: Gerald Rodriguez (The Apostles), Glass Lozano
The Language of Moths: The Beautiful Implosion EP Jose Domena (The Dread Pixels) and Glass Lozano
The Language of Moths: remake of "Walking To The Edge of the World" Jose Domena, Glass Lozano
It's Good To Be Human: VSI (Virtual Space Industrial) vs. The Glass Projeckt
Challengers (Old computer mix) Andrew Manning (Ul2ra Violet), Glass Lozano (Underwater Canyons)
Challengers (Trance bass mix) Nilanjan Brahmin, Glass Lozano (Underwater Canyons)
Prime Edict: Thomas Brigham (Prime Edict/Synth Edikt), Glass Lozano (Underwater Canyons)
Light of Another Sun: Thomas Brigham, Glass Lozano
Fragments: Thomas Brigham, Glass Lozano
The Lab Animals: Tobi Love and Glass Lozano
The Lab Animals: "Today" Smashing Pumpkins cover Tobi Love, Glass Lozano
The Lab Animals: "With or Without You" U2 cover Tobi Love, Glass Lozano
Detour: Kody Slusher (Wake The Pilot), A.J. Gramata, Glass Lozano
Aeroplane: Kody Slusher (Wake The Pilot),Glass Lozano

-the moth has spoken..

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