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 The Blacklight Chronicles

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PostSubject: The Blacklight Chronicles   The Blacklight Chronicles Icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2007 11:07 am

Dimitri Spanoa/Moth Character trademarked property of Trinity Being Multimedia Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.

Greetings! I am Moth...

As you may well know, or had you did it by deductive reasoning,
you would of figured out when the last person was signed up on our
forums, that the only person that was left was the...uh uh..,

And putting two and two together, the only person that had not
signed up...was

Yes, I am the brains behind this organization...uh, pay no attention to
that guy glass loz...something or rather....behind the curtain...

I always loved that movie...

Any way, yes I have been on a long trip to Ireland constructing my
virtual castle. My first attempt was a horrible failure...the foundation that I had
built it on kept sinking...

You may ask, well, where is this castle?...Well, you are standing in it.
Well, this is the underwater chamber below the castle of coarse..
It has taken me- many long hours to contruct the floors and the
rooms and to prevent it from leaking. Ah, there is the tattered
remains of the other one...that I may link this one to
...but, I shall probably rest for now...

I welcome everyone to this nest that I have built...
more will be constructed later, as there are many
rooms now to fill...

Yours truly,

Dimitri Spanoa

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Number of posts : 1100
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PostSubject: Re: The Blacklight Chronicles   The Blacklight Chronicles Icon_minitimeSat May 26, 2007 5:01 am

"Glitch" Dark Rabbit Studios

The Blacklight Chronicles Glitch2

Created for the story "A" the power of one hacker which has now become "Exhibit A."

"The Cycle of Hidden Things"
by Dimitri Spanoa

We are hovering between worlds

Linked together by broken bits

and pieces of ideas.

Sometimes seen sometimes not seen

In this we are floating

Held up by some unknown force

Guiding us each day

As we radiate from some middle

Trying to censor but we grow

Stronger, breaking away from the

The obvious and into the unknown

Hiding on the backbone of the

system tapping into one of its

veins and using what we need to

sustain our own life.

The violet cycle is neither virus

Nor parasite, but the carefully

crafting of the will power to

Make something entirely new

You may think of it as progressive

And may not listen, but as you

Debate about it we are busy crafting

the world of tomorrow.

What is this double speak?

And windows that open sometimes

Only on one side

We peer in, but you can't see us

Riding on the underbelly as we

Watch you watch them

-And what of the hidden internet?

That is vastly larger than the surface internet.

What type of things go on there?

Under the cloak of night

And the razor and burn of the lamps

Like coal mines winding deeply underground

To long dark secrets

Only revealed in the bed room of great people

We watch as some try to slip by with their small

Rings of things, but that small ring of things

Opens up into a larger ring of things

As what is revealed is not always what is in whole

MOTH-on the cycles of hidden things

"You Can't Censor the Underground"

Speaking of the endless cycle of hidden things.

A nest of avatars could well be the place of a

global war against mankinds knowledge.

The way that life is so open for you to

run to and fro on every whim is the danger

behind the double sided doorway

For example we allow everyone to come to our

borders- and both the good and the bad come from

all walks of life. Those come to our financial

institutions and learn our ways integrating into

our society. The hidden terrorist that comes, uses

that technology against us.

The same is true for someone that is censored, there

is an endless string of aliases they can assume, and if

they connect themselves to make their edits along the life

blood of knowledge, they can't be readily or easily shut down.

The life of a spy...used the double sided window to assume the

role of that particular paradigm...The best spys imbedded

themselves in the government of another country...and some became

that country. The moth is a peaceful being, but does not shy

away from making observations. Living in a Cold War does not

make activity stagnant. There are worker bees and nests being

built right under our nose. It may be that the corporate giant

collective is not as strong as she thinks she is. It radiates

with democracy, but radiates a sense of ignorance- But, the

irony of this is the simple question..."How do you govern an


"A Program To Catch the Underbelly"

I once listened to an audio series about the life of Robert

Ames, one of the greatest spys of our time...and they could never

catch the mole...It just so happens that a series of backdoors

were created to catch him...One such scenario was a computer

program invented to find certain patterns of words in a novel

or writings. It was just that, you enter the book into the large

data base, and it spits out a careful diagram of patternistic

words...In all great writers are these patterns...and this

database technology along with the paper trail of finances where

to be the downfall of the demise of Ames. What secrets are yet to

be revealed as the men and women of clandestine operations are

put on the line everyday. We can see that there is a backstory to

history. The puppet strings are pulled long before they surface

in the news...News is rather an aftershock of puppet strings.

"A Word To Our Sponsors-Big Brother"

There is no doubt that big brother is clued into every word

that comes from the hand of moth..and anyone for that matter...

designed to hone in on certain "buzz words" our operations are

peaceful and designed to bring an awarness to certain things.

I like to try and make associations for the causes of humanity

even if people do not want to see those connections, but never

the less, these pathways will not be abandoned by me, for I am

an inventor and a thinker, as our think tank company will be

revealed as such. We want to further the cause of the age of

invention seeing that new discoveries do not just come from the

ivy leagues, but the new networks that grow as a result of the

information superhighway. It seems that the paths to knowledge

are becoming easier to see every day and its coarse created a

few sets of historic time lines.

"We live in a system of flash floods"

Culture expands at the rate of broken censorship

as things grow, they become supressed, until something

grows so large that it gives way as a levee or dam.

A flood soon saturates, until there is a level of equilibrium.

New Orleans, a hub of cultures is ready and open for buisness

just in time for the next hurricane season. Parts are still

undeveloped. The irony of living along the coast is that it is a

potential flood zone. The growing of culture lives along side the

flood zone. Dams are designed to keep everything regulated, until

the flood comes. New emerging fads and culture can be related

to the storm season as what is censored is threatened.

"The Structure of Proper Grammar is not Welcome Here"

What is the enemy of free thought? The structure of grammar.

What is most welcome is a free flowing string of things.

Although Moth does adhere to proper grammar forms, this room

is designed to not have any walls.

"Random Word Generators"

There is an automatic engine, that is fed a database of words

over the duration, and vastness of its database, it seems

intuitive, but a being that is able to recognize patterns

with another program is far more superior with making new

associations than a limited program. However, the automatic

random machine can open up new pathways of mind and thought

that allow new ideas to evolve. A whole host of database engines

are being used for the everyday synthesis of the creative cycle.

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PostSubject: Re: The Blacklight Chronicles   The Blacklight Chronicles Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2007 6:01 pm

Do not think as you create, simply allow your influence to flow out of your soul and into the imaginations of others. As a Creator you have the power to show us all what lies beneath the mundane, but if you try to control that power it will become distorted and you may lose it forever.

~Sweet kisses
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The Blacklight Chronicles
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